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June 24, 2012 Leave a comment

OK –

It turn out that the blog was preventing me from writing.  I have limited time and it appears that either I can write my novel or my blog.  I’m choosing the Novel.


Since I suspended the blog, I’ve finished through Chap 10.


That’s what I will continue to do, so this blog is on hiatus until further notice.

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Xander’s Dilemma – 3

May 1, 2012 Leave a comment
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Xander’s Dilemma – 2

April 24, 2012 Leave a comment

“Xander,” called his father, “come over here.”

Xander looked directly at his father. He did not want to give away the trick by looking to the bushes where Galen was hiding. He walked through the maze of tables where grownups got together and tried their best to bore each other.

“Hi dad, I was just playing with Galen.”

“Did you forget bout the pre-nuptial meeting I told you to be ready for?”

Oh no, he was supposed to look up that word and then be ready for something.

“Well sweetie,” said his mother. She walked over to Xander and straightened his hair out. “Didn’t you want to look nice for whoever we decide you’re going to marry?”

“Apparently, our son forgot about the meeting,” said his father.

“Xander,” said his mother before she just finished with a sigh.

“Son, put down those balls.”

Xander had forgotten all about this stupid meeting and now his mother was going to try and get him promised to be married. He needed to go somewhere. First he needed to get rid of the balls before he got into trouble.

“Blue,” he said.

The red ball flew over to the table with Galen’s parents. Oh no, the trick.

“Uh, yellow,” said Xander.

The blue ball flew over to the other table.

“Xander, what is going on?”

Xander’s mother stood up and knocker her chair over. Parents started coming around and looking at him.

Adults were making all kinds of noises. Galen’s parents were coming over.

“Halt,” cried the Mayor. The old man stoked his beard as all the balls flew down. The mayor ran over and touched the hair of Xander. “He is not using the balls. Who is using the power?”

“Um, we were just playing a trick,” said Galen. She looked down at her feet.

“Well,” said the Mayor.

“It was my idea,” said Xander. He could not let Galen get in trouble. “She just wanted to tell me first and I thought,”

“Enough,” interrupted his father.

“Different powers,” said the Mayor while he touched both Xander’s and Galen’s hair. “Unrelated, compatible, and what’s this?”. The mayor furrowed his brow. “Wow, this union has a future to lead to greatness.”

The mayor turned to all of the parents, “we have our first approved union upon completed schooling.”

All of the parents started cheering. Xander’s dad put his arm around Xander. Xander’s mom hugged him. Galen’s parents ran over and hugged her. Her mom was crying. Xander and Galen looked at each other and wondered what just happened.

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Traveling Man

April 21, 2012 Leave a comment

This week’s challenge from Chuck Wendig is about traveling. Since I am feeling like a bit of a non-conformist, I did a little bit of word equivocation here and changed the topic completely. 😉

“Jesus man,” said Keith, “you could have gone to college.”

“I did go to college you douchebag,” said Derek. He took a swig of beer. It was probably what was on sale. Derek tended to settle for cheap.

“A real college,” said Keith.

“Will you two give this up already?” asked Tim. The two men glared at him. The routine of having the same argument had become too familiar to be interrupted. “Look, we all get it.”

“It’s not about getting it, it’s about learning,” said Keith. Keith picked up his glass of scotch and swirled it around without taking a sip. “That’s the whole reason you will let this opportunity go by, because you never learned the lesson about traveling.”

“What the hell would you know about learning,” asked Derek.

Tim rolled his eyes. “At least the conversation is a little different,” he muttered aloud though no one would listen.

He walked up to the bar and grabbed his beer and watch the fallout of this argument. He would be damned if he would get between the two of them if they started throwing punches again.

“I learned that I sucked at some things and that I needed to focus on things I was good at,” said Keith.

“Good job buddy, I mean really. We are all so proud of you.” Derek turned to Tim. “Tim, please stop everything in your life and congratulate Keith on learning that he sucks at things.”

“Come on,” said Tim. “Derek, just admit you have principles. You would not go to the left because you needed a third step and it was traveling even if it was not called. Keith, you say how he could have been great and was afraid to.”

“No, this is important,” said Keith. “This deal is about exploiting a loophole.” We could both be rich and be great by each using skills we both have.”

“I was not afraid to be great,” said Derek. “I love basketball. I did not care if the refs stopped calling traveling. I wanted to keep playing the right way. If that cost me, then so be it.”

“It was one step! The had to change the rules when the money started coming from poor communities. The new fans couldn’t understand things like defenses,” said Keith finally taking a drink of scotch.”

“I wasn’t playing for them,” said Derek.

“Look Derek, said Tim, “Keith is happy. He is not a risk taker. He is in a stable job, has a stable marriage, and is over not getting a college scholarship.”

“No I’m not,” said Derek into his beer.

“What?” said Tim and Keith together.

“My job has been a dead end, my wife cancelled our date night to join a civic club, and I think about having the free ride to college every night.” Derek drained his beer.

“I’m sorry man,” said Keith.

“No,” said Derek. “You are right. I should have travelled.”

He slammed his beer glass down. He waved the bartender over and asked for Polish lager.

“Are you okay?” asked Tim. Derek, never went after top shelf.

“I accept,” said Derek. “Monday I will quit. If Elisabeth wants to know what I’m doing she can ask when she notices.”

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Xander’s Dilemma – 1

April 17, 2012 2 comments

Xander let the balls float in the air as he ordered them by color. Galen stuck her tongue out at him as he waived to her.

“You think you’re so good since you have process magic already,” said Galen.

“If there were a whining magic, you’d be queen of Gaelgia,” said Xander. He circled the balls around and sent them one by one back to Galen. Purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.

“Watch this,” said Galen. She swirled both of her hands and before any of the balls got within a foot of her, they all scattered behind the bushes.

“You’ve got powers?”

“Just watch.”

Xander started to walk over and get the balls. “It’s cool, but if we can’t see them then we can’t control them.

“Purple,” said Galen. The purple ball flew up towards her.

Xander stopped and looked at her. “How,”

“Blue.” The blue ball flew up from behind the bush.

“Can you see them?” asked Xander.

“Green, yellow, red, orange.”

“Out of order,” said Xander. All four balls flew up and flew towards Galen out of order.

Galen had a huge smile on her face. “It doesn’t matter if I can see them or if they are in order. If I put them there, I can find them.”

“That’s impossible,” said Xander. Her ran over to her. “You got your power, but its impossible.” He ran over and hugged her. “This is the greatest day!”

“It’s so weird,” she said when she hugged him back. I just woke up this morning where everything was that I put down. No matter where.”

Xander stepped back. “You kept it secret!”

“I haven’t even told my parents yet. I wanted to show you first.”

“Hey, we can play a trick on our parents.”

How?” asked Galen. Her mouth pulled into a big smile.

“Follow me,” he said taking the balls in his hands. “You put each of these balls around me in a circle. When we get back to the meeting, you hide and I will pretend to point the balls away.”


He handed her two of the balls, to start with. “Yeh, you throw a different ball out of order.”

“That will so freak them out,” said Galen. She took two of the balls and started them circling around Xander.

Xander gave her the others and they ran back to the town where all the adults were meeting.”

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Gaelgia – a new hope

April 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Some you have asked where I am going with Gaelgia and I have not answered because I did not figure it out until last week.

These past few months I have realized I have built a world that a story can fit into. I have a kingdom, neighbors, secondary characters, a system of magic, and other necessities like tone, theme, and voice.

I have talked with some of the participants in the world, though not the doppelgänger, and have come to the conclusion that they would prefer to be background characters (if listed at all).

I have taken all this information and combined it with a fifteen year old memory of Piers Anthony’s Xanth — remember this was my inspiration — and decided to tell the story of Galen and Xander.

I will pick them up in the tween ages and take their relationship and personal issues as part of a larger story starting with the next post. This is the story I will update on each Tuesday. I will also reconfigure the site to make reading the posts in order easier and reading background information easy as well.

Lastly, all my posts from here on out are going to be coordinated into the Gaelgia theme. Yes, you heard correctly, I promise consistency.

Post lastly, since a few have asked, yes, the Mademoiselle of Mountain Park is back in the world and will play a role with the king.

Inside the dental cave of doom

April 3, 2012 2 comments

So it was written in days gone past that those who wished to be admitted to the kingdoms of acceptance must past twice yearly through the dental caves of doom. Those that bypass these visits must then make extra excursions and bring extra resources with them to counter the years of not following what was written.

“It is written, bah,” said a much younger king in days gone past. “Who wrote this thing and who made them the arbiter of all that is needed into the kingdoms?”

“Thy shalt no scoff,” came his reply.

“Who said that?” said the King looking around.

Not finding anyone and not prone to listen to the voices inside of his head (do good, go to church, be nice to others — lousy voices) the King bypassed the visits and instead paid homage to the cave through the acts of brushing and flossing.

Then one day the king came upon the gates of acceptance.

“I seek admittance,” said the King.

“Thou shall not pass,” came the disembodied voice from no where.

“I will go anyway,” said the King.

The King passed through the gate which lead right into the dental cave of doom.

“Come with me,” said the younger wall drone.

The King turned but it was too late, the door behind him had slammed shut.

“I am not unarmed,” said the King.

The older wall drone looked over his son’s shoulder. “Your weapons are no good here.

It was true. The King was unarmed.

The King reached for his last straws. I have paid homage to the cave with both brushing and flossing.

“We shall see,” said the younger wall drone.

The wall drone hemmed and hawed and acquiesced that indeed the King had paid sufficient homage.

The King tried to get up.

The younger wall drone smiled evilly. “However,” it added, “what is this with your front teeth?”

“I had two root canals as a child because of a skateboard wreck.

“What is this tooth that has been cracked and fixed multiple times?”

The King sighed, “I was a member of a maritime community in my youth. I may have had a few fights… I never learned to block with my right.”

The wall drone feigned sympathy. “Yes, yes. The front teeth are dead and the cracked tooth needs a crown.” Then he smiled, “Of course those old fillings from the seventies need to be replaced.”

“Stop,” cried the King. “It was written and I accept. What is the punishment.”

The two wall drone got together. They frowned slightly, “since you stopped fighting, we are forced to make you a deal. We will spread out the payments over five years, you will come four times a year and drop off and equal number of gold pieces twice each year. Then you are done.”

— Caveat

If anyone from Dr. Waldron’s office reads this, please be advised that this is fiction and any similarities is purely coincidental.

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